Things to Consider

Things to consider when selecting a campground for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Does your campsite have full services (i.e. water, sewer, electricty, WIFI)?

Some campgrounds may say that they have full serivces, but many times they have a shared water source which means that you have to hookup your garden hose and fill your holding tank and then unhook your garden hose. They may also have sewage truck that comes around periodically to pump out your wastewater but normally they charge an addtional fee for this service. In addition, at some RV parks, you may have to move your RV to fill your water tank and drop your wastewater.

Is your campground close to downtown Sturgis?

Many Sturgis rally bikers want to be close to downtown Sturgis during the Motorcycle rally because that’s where most of the action is.

Is your campground a party site?

It’s easy to find a party in Sturgis during the rally but it’s not so easy to find a quiet place to sleep. After all, do you really want some drunk guy pounding on your RV at 4am while you are trying to sleep?

Does your campground have clean shower faciliies?

It’s important to select a campground that has a reputation for clean shower and bathroom facilities.

Does your campsite have a well defined perimeter?

Many campgrounds in the Sturgis area don’t have well defined lot lines can cause some problems when neighbors are intruding your percieved area.

Does your campsite have a view of the Black Hills?

Most of the campgrounds in the Sturgis area are in low lying areas and don’t have a view of the Black Hills.

Is your campsite on grass or gravel?

We agree that is nice to camp on grass, that is, until it rains, and it usually does at least once or twice during the Sturgis Rally. Because of the high volume of traffic, grass campgrounds in the Sturgis area can turn into monster mud bogs after a good hard rain. Have you ever tried riding your bike on wet grass on in the mud?

Does your campground have a liberal refund policy?

Some campgrounds do not offer refunds after January 1st and others don’t offer any refund policy at all.

Does your campground have flexible schedules?

Many of the Sturgis campgrounds require you to pay for the entire Sturgis Rally period (10 to 12 day stay). We have flexible scheduling and offer as few as four (4) day minimum stays.

Does your campground have good customer service?

We have great customer service and we answer most questions promptly.

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